With first-hand experience in farming, banking, accounting and resource management issues, we can tackle your challenges from a variety of critical viewpoints to prescribe a thoughtful, comprehensive solution tailored to your specific needs.  Here's where we can help you:

1. Distressed ag
Lenders often call on us to evaluate troubled loans and ag bankruptcies to make recommendations on how best to proceed. We understand ag banking as well as ag operations, and we are an objective third party. This makes us credible expert witnesses when needed.

2. Bringing new capital
Either as a part of restructuring, or part of an exit strategy or generational transfer, sometimes it makes sense to bring new capital to a farm operation through sale/leaseback, sale, or refinance. We understand that and have the
connections and resources to assist when it’s appropriate.

3. Irrigation water
With long experience in irrigated agriculture, we know that understanding water availability and water use is more complicated than just checking the water rights. We evaluate water rights, canal companies, delivery history, crops to be grown, system equipment and efficiencies to determine the quality and quantity of the water available and the suitability for the farm. This is becoming increasingly complex. Just checking water rights or well conditions isn't enough these days.

4. Farm management and leasing assistance
Although we routinely manage farms and negotiate leases for our clients, we occasionally assist others with questions in these areas. Our broad experience helps us understand what key elements of farm management and lease agreements are most important for a particular farm.

5. Analyzing unique ag problems
We aren’t experts in everything ag, but through our rigorous investigative process we help our clients better understand their issues and define the expertise needed.