To participate successfully in the agricultural real estate market, one needs to grasp of a few important concepts.  These include location, resources (including water, soils, climate, zoning and farm entitlements), and regulatory requirements. Scythe & Spade can help you understand these aspects using our proprietary tools and deep local experience.

Our comprehensive information analysis system, FarmBase™, is specifically designed to help you evaluate and manage agricultural properties, supplementing personal knowledge and experience. FarmBase™ documents ownership records, soil and water resources, crop history, topography, infrastructure and more.

Scythe & Spade will represent either buyer or seller; however, we will never act as a dual agent due to our code of professional ethics. We take our fiduciary responsibilities seriously and will not jeopardize our ethical obligations to our clients.

The acquisition and disposition services we provide:

  • Detailed market analysis and proper Due Diligence
  • Coordination of consultants, engineers, bankers, and appraisers to meet closing deadlines
  • Valuation, financial analysis and market pricing determination
  • Aggressive private and multi stage marketing plans
  • Contract negotiations
  • Detailed purchase agreements negotiated with farming transactions in mind
  • Escrow management/transaction management
  • Aggressive site identification and acquisition
  • Assistance with financing
  • Post-closing punch list creation and follow through
  • Professional and effective presentation of properties
  • Mapping software for analyzing properties

Site Selection Services

FarmBase™ enables comprehensive, three dimensional site selection for both  downstream value add opportunities as well as the supporting farmland appropriate to the needed crop, including:


  • Zoning, wetlands, protected species and supporting environmental documentation.
  • Utilities (power, water, waste water, natural gas, etc)
  • Transportation and logistics optimization, both inbound and outbound

Crop Production

  • Climate and soil types
  • Irrigation water quantity, quality and economics
  • Historical crops and yield histories


  • Financial modeling
  • Sustainable Lease Rate establishment
  • Current market sales comparables
  • Regional operating budgets and financial performance