Selective Excellence vs. Uniform Mediocrity

I’ve held this quote closely, since hearing it repeated by Dean Sanders of the UA College of Agriculture and Life Sciences about his vision for placing professors and administrators into the college. “We will build our college”, he said, “through selective excellence, not uniform mediocrity.” It may be a slower climb to the top, but the results will be more stable and rewarding in the long run.

A couple of recent events have caused me to reflect on the Dean’s quote more personally. At Scythe & Spade, the heart of our vision is the results we can achieve for our customers. Were it not for the excellent team of employees we have been able to assemble, these results would not be so reliable nor attainable.

A successful service is the sum of many parts, details in fact, that make up the whole. Only few however, are by design and thereby controllable, leaving the balance to human factors. I am reminded of this each time I see a potentially disastrous situation rescued by a remarkably perceptive and responsive employee exercising good judgment and furthering our vision for peerless service and results.

Service excellence and business success is due in a large part to loyalty. The loyalty we as employees of Scythe & Spade have to our clients and customers, to the company and the service concept we are delivering as well as the loyalty our clients and customers as well as vendors have to us. We are forever grateful to our loyal customers and employees and will continue to strive to provide an enjoyable and peerless service experience.

Brett MacNeil